Martinsburg, West Virginia

Martinsburg was founded in 1778 during the American Revolutionary War and was named after Colonel Thomas Bryan Martin, a Revolutionary War general. During the Civil War, it was occupied by both Union and Confederate forces and was the site of several skirmishes and battles.

Today, it is a thriving community with a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, healthcare, and education. The city is also home to several historic sites, including the Martinsburg Roundhouse, which is the only surviving roundhouse of its kind on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Other attractions include the Apollo Civic Theatre, which hosts a variety of performing arts events, and the Berkeley County Historical Society Museum, which showcases the history of the region.

JUNK REMOVAL IN Martinsburg, West Virginia

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is lug bulky items around and try to get rid of them. That’s why Jus Junk Removal offers a professional, hassle-free service that allows our clients in Martinsburg and beyond to dispose of their unwanted junk quickly and easily. We provide an efficient three-step workflow that starts with scheduling an appointment online or calling us directly. Once we arrive at your place, we inspect the area requiring the removal process to be done for safety reasons before disposing of your junk responsibly by either donating it or taking it all away.

Appliance Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you downsizing and need to remove an old, unused appliance from your home or business? Jus Junk Removal is here to help! We work with both commercial and residential customers, assisting them in managing the smooth, hassle-free removal of their unwanted items. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff understands the importance of effective workflow procedures while still providing quality service. With upfront pricing and no hidden costs, our team will take care of the entire process — from pick up to disposal — all at an affordable cost.

Furniture Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you looking to get rid of old furniture that’s been clogging up your living room or dining space? If so, there’s no need to panic! Jus Junk Removal makes it quick and easy to remove any unwanted furniture in your home. We’ll take away the hassle of having to carry out the heavy lifting yourself – just let us know what needs to go and we’ll be on our way with a solution for you. We specialize in efficient and convenient junk removal services, making us the ideal partner if you are looking for help getting rid of your tired couches, broken tables, or even entire units from an apartment building.

Mattress Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you looking for a reliable way to get rid of an old mattress? If so, then Jus Junk Removal is here to help! We offer professional mattress removal services that are fast and efficient. Our team is dedicated to delivering the high-quality service you deserve, making it easy for you to safely dispose of your unwanted items without having to worry about how or where they will end up. As specialists in furniture removal and disposal, we have the experience and know-how necessary to ensure your removal jobs are done right—no matter what size or type of bedding needs discarding.

Hot Tub Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Removing a hot tub is not an easy task – it’s heavy, bulky, and can require complicated removal in tight spaces. That’s why Jus Junk Removal has helped countless homeowners with the stress-free safe removal of their unwanted hot tubs. We provide professional service while taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the job is done right – no matter what type of setup you have at your property. From disassembling the spa and electric lines to disposing of all materials properly, our team will take care of everything for you so that you can be worry-free!

Yard Waste Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you tired of looking out your window and seeing piles of yard waste that have been accumulating for months? If so, Jus Junk Removal is here to help! With our professional team on hand, we can make sure all that pesky yard waste is cleared from your property in no time. In addition, we’ll haul away any other bulky items like construction debris or furniture too. So if you’re ready to finally get rid of those eyesores once and for all, let us take care of it with our full-service junk removal services!

Construction Debris Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

We understand that the process of dealing with construction debris can be hauntingly complex; from finding a reliable service provider to disposing of all types of materials safely and effectively. That’s why we strive to provide comprehensive services for tackling large-scale cleanup projects with ease. Our team works closely with clients so they have access to professional care no matter the size or scope of the job.

TV & Electronics Removal in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are the old TVs and electronics around your home taking up too much space? Maybe you’ve got a few sets of speakers overflowing in the garage that need to make their way out. At Jus Junk Removal, we understand how difficult it can be to take care of these bulky items by yourself. That’s why we offer professional TV & electronic removal services at an affordable price. On top of this, our friendly service staff is always eager to lend a helping hand with any additional work-related tasks you may have! Contact us today for more information on how we can make the process effortless for you!

CLEANOUTS IN Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you in the Martinsburg area and looking for a reliable company to help with an upcoming cleanout project? Jus Junk Removal is here to provide superior quality service for all of your debris removal needs. Specializing in furniture removal, yard waste disposal, basement excavation services, and more – we can efficiently haul away any unwanted items from your home or business without any hassle. So look no further than Jus Junk Removal when it’s time to dispose of all kinds of clutter – give us a call today and let us handle the job!

Basement Clean-Outs in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Tired of staring at that pile of unwanted boxes and furniture stacking up? Now is the time to take action! Jus Junk Removal offers amazing solutions for tackling basement clean-outs with efficiency and care. Our team provides creative ways to get rid of every bit of junk while also saving room for what is important. So don’t let those junks pile up anymore; call us today at 540-587-5865 for fast and friendly assistance!

Attic Clean-Outs in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning out your attic? It can be an intimidating task, with items inherited from previous generations, forgotten memories, and hard-to-reach items. That’s why Jus Junk Removal is here to help! We will remove all clutter and fill the space with a clean, organized area that you are sure to love. With competitive rates, friendly customer service representatives available 24/7 for questions or concerns, and years of experience in the field, you can feel confident knowing you will receive quality assistance from our reliable crew.

Hoarding Clean-Outs in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you or a loved one struggling with hoarding? If so, the process of organizing and cleaning can seem daunting. Here at Jus Junk Removal, we understand that taking this step can feel like an overwhelming challenge, which is why we want to help! With our expertise and experience dealing with various kinds of junk removal cases, you can rest assured that no matter the situation – whether it’s a large collection of items or an entire home full of clutter – we have your back when it comes to getting things done efficiently and affordably. 

Garage Clean-Outs in Martinsburg, West Virginia

An accumulation of years of discarded items can leave you feeling powerless and hopeless. Having a cluttered garage is stressful, makes it difficult to access what you need, and reduces usable space. Fortunately, Jus Junk Removal has come up with an effective solution for such cases: Our Garage Clean-Out services! Quick and efficient, we offer our expertise to help free your home from the physical weight of excessive junk and trash that may have been hampering more meaningful activities like gardening or even car repair projects.

LIGHT DEMOLITION IN Martinsburg, West Virginia

When it comes to light demolition projects in Martinsburg, this can often be a messy and complicated job. However, with Jus Junk Removal you don’t have to worry about taking on this large project by yourself. We make sure that the job is done safely and efficiently so that your property looks brand new! No matter how small or large the project may be— whether you’re looking to take down a shed or tear out an entire kitchen—we provide top-notch removal services tailored for each unique situation.

Fences Demolition in Martinsburg, West Virginia

We all know that typically after fence installation, the old one needs to come down. But what many don’t know is just how complicated and dangerous it can be when tackling this job yourself! Trying to remove a wood or metal fence from your yard without the proper tools and safety precautions can quickly turn into an intimidating task. That’s why Jus Junk Removal is here with our professional fencing demolition services – connected with years of experience in post-fence removal, we make sure to get even the most daunting jobs done safely.

Decks Demolition in Martinsburg, West Virginia

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient junk removal service, look no further than Jus Junk Removal. We specialize in deck demolition so you can get the job done quickly and hassle-free. Whether your deck needs an extensive overhaul or is simply becoming worn down over time, our team can handle it all. We will always respect your property while delivering quality workmanship and timely results. Get started on your next major home improvement project today with our professional deck demolition services!

Sheds Demolition in Martinsburg, West Virginia

At Jus Junk Removal, destruction, and demolition of sheds is one of our top services! If you’re looking to demolish old or outdated storage spaces quickly and safely, we’ve got the tools and knowledge to do it. We can take care of everything from dismantling the shed itself through to disposal – so no matter what type or size of shed needs to be taken care of, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today for your efficient removal service that won’t leave any mess behind!

Playsets/Swing Sets Demolition in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Are you looking to get rid of an old, unsightly swing set, but don’t want the headache of trying to dismantle it on your own? Look no further – Jus Junk Removal is here to help! We specialize in professional playset/swing set demolition services, designed to conveniently and safely remove these outdated structures from your yard. Let us take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space again.



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