Charles Town, West Virginia

Charles Town was founded in 1786 by Charles Washington, the youngest brother of George Washington, and was named in his honor. Charles Town played a significant role in the Civil War, as it was the site of John Brown’s raid on the federal armory in 1859, and it changed hands between the Union and Confederate forces multiple times during the war.

Today, it is known for its historic homes, museums, and racetrack. The Jefferson County Courthouse, which was built in 1836, is a prominent landmark in the city and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike, and it hosts thoroughbred horse racing and other entertainment events throughout the year.

JUNK REMOVAL IN Charles Town, West Virginia

Have you been looking for a way to get rid of it all without spending your own time and energy on labor-intensive tasks? At Jus Junk Removal we provide professional junk removal services that can help free up space in your house or business. And best of all, our team is always ready and available to assist—all at an affordable price! Don’t let anything get between you & clutter-free living; contact our experts for more information about how Jus Junk Removal can make life easier today!

Appliance Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

At Jus Junk Removal, we know how challenging it can be to safely and quickly remove large appliances from your home or office. Whether you are replacing an old appliance or simply need a large item off the property fast, our reliable and comprehensive appliance removal services have you covered. With years of experience in junk hauling, our team ensures that all appliances we take away are disposed of properly and efficiently while maintaining the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

Furniture Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of that old, unwanted furniture cluttering up your home or office? Look no further than Jus Junk Removal, the ultimate solution for all of your removal needs! With our reliable service and professional team, we can help you clear out all types of items including couches, recliners, beds, and more with ease. Let us be the ones who handle tough tasks like removing those heavy pieces from where they are now so you can start fresh with a clutter-free environment!

Mattress Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

Do you have an old mattress that is taking up space in your garage or basement? You know it needs to go, but don’t want the hassle of disposing of it yourself? Don’t worry! Jus Junk Removal understands how difficult and tiring it can be to manage a disposal process on your own. Let us do all the hard work for you with our mattress removal service! Stop waiting around and let us take care of the heavy lifting – you won’t regret making the decision.

Hot Tub Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

Are you looking to get rid of an old or used hot tub that has been taking up space in your home? If so, then Jus Junk Removal is here to help! With our expert removal service, we make the entire process fast and easy. We’ll have it out of there in no time – leaving you with additional backyard space for your children and pets to enjoy. Our service follows a simple workflow from start to finish, ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the day so that our customers can sit back and relax as we do all the heavy lifting for them.

Yard Waste Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

When it comes to your yard, there’s nothing worse than having a mountain of debris that seems like it will never end. From leaves and twigs to branches and sticks – all this clutter can be overwhelming and hard to manage on your own. That’s why Jus Junk Removal offers their unbeatable yard waste removal services – getting rid of the backlog without you lifting a finger! We provide quick resolution for more serious issues related to health and safety too such as dangerous overgrowth that needs immediate attention.

Construction Debris Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

Have you been dealing with the aftermath of a home construction project recently? From redoing your kitchen to repainting your living room, major home remodeling projects can be an incredibly rewarding experience in the end. But what can often be forgotten about is the task of clearing away all of that leftover debris so that you can finally reap the benefits of your hard work. That’s where Jus Junk Removal comes in! Allowing you to enjoy your newly renovated space without stress or worry.

TV & Electronics Removal in Charles Town, West Virginia

Have you been holding onto that clunky old CRT television for too long? Jus Junk Removal is here to help! With our professional TV & Electronics removal services, we make it easy to clear away outdated technology and bring in the new. Not only do we provide fast and efficient removal services with no fuss, but we’ll properly dispose of the electronic equipment too – all you have to do is sit back, relax, and prepare for a tech refresh! Let’s take a closer look at how Jus Junk can help simplify the process of getting rid of those old gadgets once and for all.

CLEANOUTS IN Charles Town, West Virginia

Are you living in Charles Town and need help getting rid of all the stuff piling up in your home? Jus Junk Removal can assist with weekly full-service junk removal to help you get your home back into shape. We offer fast and friendly residential and commercial junk removal services, allowing homeowners to declutter their homes without all the effort. Whether you are looking for one-time or ongoing cleanouts, we have got you covered.

Basement Clean-Outs in Charles Town, West Virginia

Making plans to tackle a messy basement can be daunting and overwhelming. Not only do you need the physical strength and time to complete the job, but oftentimes the items in the basement can be hard to handle. Fortunately, Jus Junk Removal is here to help with our comprehensive residential and commercial cleaning services! We are dedicated to helping you out of any jam you find yourself stuck in when it comes to excessive clutter or junk obscuring your path.

Attic Clean-Outs in Charles Town, West Virginia

The attic of your home is often overlooked and forgotten. But do you know that an unorganized and cluttered attic can be a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, insects, rodents, and other hazardous air-borne contaminants that could eventually enter the rest of your living space? It’s time to take charge of this neglected area with Jus Junk Removal! We have all the tools needed to de-clutter, haul away junk items, and leave you with a clean attic – ready for whatever else you plan to use it for.

Hoarding Clean-Outs in Charles Town, West Virginia

We understand that hoarded houses have their own set of challenges, from hazardous materials to emotional connections to possessions. Our staff is compassionate when navigating these sensitive scenarios while also providing prompt clearance for clients who need fast results. No matter how great the challenge may be, we look forward to using our expertise in productively addressing it as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Garage Clean-Outs in Charles Town, West Virginia

Do you want a clean, organized garage? It can be tough to find the time and energy to tackle that long list of cleaning tasks, but we’ve got some great news: Jus Junk Removal specializes in helping make all your organizational dreams come true. With our award-winning services like garage clean-outs and junk removal, you can put those worries of clutter away for good! Let us help create a cleaner, better environment for all!

LIGHT DEMOLITION IN Charles Town, West Virginia

Whether you’re doing some light renovation around the house or need to take down a wall, Jus Junk Removal can help with your light demolition needs. We have what it takes to make your project fast and clean. From repurposing old materials to disposing of any remaining waste, our top-notch service is here to guarantee safe demolition for homeowners in Charles Town and beyond!

Fences Demolition in Charles Town, West Virginia

Are you looking to spruce up your yard with a brand-new fence – and need an expert team to take down the old one? Look no further than Jus Junk Removal! No matter what size or shape your fence is, we can handle it and make sure that it’s properly taken down safely. From wooden privacy fences to chain link fences, our experienced crew has seen all types of projects throughout their construction careers. Give us a call today for more information about our professional fence demolition services!

Decks Demolition in Charles Town, West Virginia

Are the old decks on your property becoming a real eyesore? Well, Jus Junk Removal has your back! We specialize in taking down decks with care and efficiency. Before anything else, we’ll come to inspect the deck so we can develop a plan of action for how best to approach its demolition. From there, our skilled and experienced team will bring in all necessary equipment before carefully dismantling the structure piece by piece: no big bangs or explosions here – when we work on deck demolition projects, safety is always a top priority!

Sheds Demolition in Charles Town, West Virginia

We understand that demolishing an old shed surprisingly can be quite a daunting task and it’s not something to be taken lightly. We have experience in dealing with all the requirements involved in getting the job done correctly and safely. If you’re tired of looking at your deteriorating shed or are considering building a new one, let us take away the hassle of demolition from you! Move forward with confidence knowing our workflow will guarantee success for any shed demolition project!

Playsets/Swing Sets Demolition in Charles Town, West Virginia

Have you recently decided to demolish or dispose of your old playset/swing set for something new? Look no further – Jus Junk Removal is here to help! We offer professional demolition services, so we are sure to get the job done right. With our experienced staff handling different steps in the workflow, such as securing proper permits and preparing a clean-up and disposal plan post-demolition, we guarantee our customers will be satisfied with their results. Reach out today and let one of our knowledgeable representatives provide all the information necessary to get started on keeping your yard safe and looking its best.



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